• The Quote is a detailed listing of all of the materials needed to build the project listed in the order needed at the job site and broken down into shipping drops. This is essentially a complete building guide to the whole project.

Express List

  • The Express List is all of the materials that were listed in the Quote compiled for easy pricing. (e.g. All 2x4, regardless of location or use in the project, are compiled and listed by length on one line).


  • The Millworks pages contain the Window, Patio Door, Skylight, Exterior Door, and Interior door schedules. Every millwork item is quoted individually and mapped to the room where it will be used.
  • Basic interior and exterior trim items (e.g. Fascia, Rakes, Soffits, and Porch Ceilings) will be found throughout the Quote listed in the appropriate drop.
  • A more extensive millwork package is available upon request (e.g. - Exterior/Interior Window & Door trim, vinyl siding accessories, vents, etc.), to enhance the precision and completion of the project. Please note, that only the millwork items that are specifically called out on the plans will be quoted.
  • The millwork items are both the easiest and most costly materials to overlook while preparing an estimate. Before any estimate is completed, the millwork items are thoroughly checked by another estimator to insure complete accuracy.

Man-Hour Reports

  • The exclusive Man-Hour Report serves two purposes. Its primary purpose is to project the labor required to build your project. It is calculated on a line-by-line basis for all items quoted and presented in man-hours. Man-hours are used instead of unit costs because they are more flexible and can be applied to any crew make-up.
  • The secondary purpose of the Man-hour Report is to act as a checklist. There are many items: from site work, to subs, to the cost of plans and specs that are not included in a typical estimate, but must be accounted for. The Man-hour Report will help you do that.


  • The best time to deal with a problem in your project is at the planning stage and not during the building stage, when it can become very costly.
  • While preparing your estimate, our skilled estimators analyze your blueprint and list all discrepancies, omissions, or other problems with the plan on the Comments page. Accurate Estimates will contact the architect or engineer of record in order to rectify all problems as they occur, and will note all phone dialogue on the Comments page.

Framing Diagrams

  • All too often the floor and roof framing plans provided in a blueprint are ambiguous, contain discrepancies, or are not drawn at all.
  • Accurate Estimates provides (when required) floor, ceiling, and roof framing diagrams that, while not intended as structural framing plans, show exactly where every joist, rafter, and supporting member was estimated. This can be extremely important to the framer, especially when a complicated roof or floor system is involved.
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